14 Unique Ways To Get More Yoga Clients

Wondering how to get more yoga clients? If you are a yoga instructor, then promoting your business is an essential part of running it. With the high demand for yoga classes these days, there are many people looking to become instructors. If you want to stay ahead of the competition and be truly successful in this industry, then following these 14 steps will help you get more yoga clients!

1) Search Engine Optimization

The top way to help you get more yoga clients is through leveraging the internet. Your website is your top salesperson for attracting Yoga students. Optimizing your Google My Business as well as your website will ensure that you are at the top of the rankings in your local area, and will stand out as the #1 choice for potential yoga students in your area.

Have a blog? Create content on yoga and other topics that your audience would be interested in. Be sure to post regularly, but don’t over do it! Your readers will lose interest if you continuously post the same thing. Blogs will bring in traffic that will lead to conversions, in many cases.

Post pictures of your studio or classes online for people to see what they are missing out on. You can also add hashtags to posts so more people find them when searching related terms like #yoga, #livehealthyorless, etc.

2) Use Facebook Ads To Grow An Email List

Remember, social media looks pretty but really what you really need is people on your email list. That’s where sales happen and conversions can occur through nurturing those followers with valuable content to help them achieve their goals in yoga! One way that targeted ads work for Facebook or Instagram are by offering an opt-in freebie which will target the follower who clicked over from a post they saw of yours previously. This will help get you more yoga clients.

Create some sort of useful piece–whether it be written material, audio files (podcast), video tutorials (YouTube)–to offer as part of this package so potential students know how much value they might get out if subscribing up front instead waiting until after getting paid before signing up at all.

3) Provide Great Service

Yoga has been a hot trend for the last few years in America, with people trying to get more into their exercise and health routine. However, it’s not as easy as following these steps and magically having a bigger yoga business or client base – you need to know what you are doing back-to-front! Yoga is becoming increasingly competitive nowadays with many other providers offering similar services; so that breaks up the market even further. That means good service needs to be an integral part of your plan if you want any hope at success in this field.

Great customer service leads to more referrals!

4) Offer Classes during the evening

Offer classes during the evening: Starting a yoga class for people who work in the evenings is an excellent way to get more yoga clients. This will allow them to still be able to keep their daytime jobs while learning how to take care of themselves. Here is a great article about the benefits of practicing Yoga at night!

5) Take a look at your branding

Spend some time thinking about what you want your brand identity to be, how people will see you in the world of business these days, brining value back into society through awareness.  

Use colors wisely – they have an effect on how we perceive things around us. A memorable logo can make all the difference between getting noticed by potential customers and not being able choose one from among many similar offers out there. 

Don’t underestimate yourself as someone who has creative ideas worth sharing with other humans either; intellectual property rights are important when using content created by others.

6) Teach Beginner and Intermediate Level Courses

Teach beginner and intermediate level courses: One of the best ways you can grow your business is by teaching beginners as well as advanced participants at different times throughout the week or month. They’ll each have something they are specifically interested in!

7) Tap Into Your Personal Network

Your friends and family are the best people to give you feedback on your yoga classes, so make sure they’re there! Offer them a special discount for one month of classes at your studio in exchange for coming to all three class sessions. Once that’s up, ask them what 3 things you did well this past week while teaching and what 3 areas need improvement – no matter how small or large it seems.

Once that is done, ask them for referrals. Referrals are one of the biggest drivers for growing a yoga studio!

8) Connect With Your Students

Connecting with students is the most crucial aspect of teaching yoga. Learning and remembering names – and finding out a bit about each student – offers connection and community to all yogis, whether they practice alone in their studio or as part of a class setting. Students appreciate when teachers take time to say hello and get acquainted; even if it’s just greeting them by name, asking how their weekend was, or mentioning that you enjoyed meeting them at another session last week!

9) Organize Workshops

Organize workshops on various topics: Using popular workshop formats such as cooking, photography, painting and drawing, arts and crafts–anything that would interest potential clients–will give them another reason to come into your yoga studio and see what you are all about. This will in turn bring in more yoga clients because people love workshops!

10) Charge Fair Prices

How much should you charge for your private sessions? First, think about what the value of your time is worth. For example, if it takes a yoga instructor an hour to complete one session they could be earning $60-80 per hour depending on where in the country they are practicing and how long their work day typically lasts. In larger metropolitan areas like New York City and Los Angeles you can command an even higher price.

Second, higher prices attract customers while lower ones repel them so decide whether or not this pricing structure will help serve as another way to differentiate yourself from competitors who might offer similar services at cheaper rates; but do keep in mind that these numbers can fluctuate based on location too!

11) Create a Bring a Friend Day For Existing Students

There’s nothing more fun than a new friend, so why not offer our students the opportunity to bring one with them? For every paying student you invite to take part in “Bring-a-Friend Week,” we’ll allow your friends for free. This way it will be easy and affordable for people who are interested but don’t know what they’re getting into!

12) Start a Bring a Friend Day

Online or in person challenges are a great way to get people motivated and excited about yoga. Challenges can be big or small, online-based, offline-centric–whatever works for you! My favorite type of challenge is the 7 day pose challenge on Instagram where I invite my followers to join me by sharing their photos each day with that hashtag so we all have something new every week. You could also run a 30 Day Yoga Challenge at your studio (or just with yourself) which requires students show up everyday for one month working towards completing 3 poses per session. And don’t forget an enticing reward if they complete it!

13) Reach Out To Local Media

One of the best ways to attract new students is by getting a story written about you in a local media outlet. Reach out directly and ask them how they choose who to feature, tell them what you do well at your gym or studio that makes you stand out from other fitness studios in town, and why it would be valuable for their publication if they wrote an article on you!

14) Hire A Marketing Professional

Goldsmith Digital helps Yoga Studios grow by optimizing their SEO, managing Facebook ads, and helping their Google My Business page make it to the top of the search results to bring in more yoga clients. If you are interested, feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help!

In closing, growing a Yoga studio is not easy. By following the steps above, you can achieve long term sustainable growth, and build a brand that will be successful for years to come!

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