HVAC Keyword Research Guide

Our HVAC Keyword Research Guide will explain how to do keyword research for an HVAC Company.

Let’s start with the basics. What is keyword research? Keyword research is the process of evaluating a list of keywords in order to discover which ones are worth targeting for your website.

HVAC companies use keyword research to decide what terms their potential customers will use when they search online, and then try to rank highly for those targeted terms on search engines like Google. There are countless studies that show how important it is for HVAC companies to do keyword research if they want to be more successful at generating leads through organic (non-paid) listings on Google.     

Depending on your company’s budget, you’ll either be looking at free or paid tools for this process I’ve included both options here so you can choose the best option for your business.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Ubersuggest (Free)  – includes hundreds of long tail keyword suggestions tools.        

Google Trends (Free) Who is searching for this term? What does the graph look like over time and by region? Is it trending up or down? How is it trending in countries outside of my own?

The following tools aren’t free, but they’re extremely helpful. The paid tools will give you more detailed and accurate information than the free ones.

Keyword Spy (Price: $97/month)      This tool gives you thousands of keywords to consider for all kinds of niches including your HVAC business. It’s not just an HVAC keyword research tool either – there are options for marketing agencies, small businesses or individual marketers.

SEMRush (Price: $69/month)  – this is a great tool because it can help identify highly profitable keywords that bring in top dollar traffic as well as those that are inexpensive. In fact, it’s the #1 Best Keyword Research Tool, according to Search Engine Journal.                                   

The following tools are excellent options as well: Serpstat, Long Tail Pro  & Ubersuggest.

Let’s cut through all of the clutter and begin with one of the most important elements of your HVAC keyword research process.

Identifying Winning Keywords for Your Industry

At its core, the key to successful, long term organic search engine rankings comes down to one thing: Quality backlinks. Without a steady stream of high quality backlinks pointing to our website from other reputable, related websites and resources, we’ll be wasting our time. In the short run though it’s very unlikely that Google is going to reward us for all of those low quality links! In fact, as reported by SearchEngineJournal.com, Google isn’t rewarding sites with lots of lower quality or spammy backlinks at all anymore even if they’re coming from a well known domain name like Wikipedia.com.

Google is getting better at identifying spammy, low quality links and giving them less (or no) value when they calculate the PageRank of a website. Instead Google will look for those quality backlinks from other reputable websites as well as social media mentions to determine whether or not your site deserves the top spots in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Taking Advantage of These Updates

Simply having an awesome website with all of your HVAC information on it isn’t going to be enough anymore . It’s also important to show that you’re active on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, and that people are engaging with your content by sharing and commenting on it – this signals to Google that people find your content valuable and worthwhile. You also want to have a blog because Google loves seeing fresh, new content being added on a regular basis.

As you can see you can’t afford to ignore keywords when doing HVAC SEO anymore… they’re an integral part of the entire process. If your site is optimized with them in mind, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to achieve top rankings and increased organic traffic. When it comes down to it, all you need for this process are these 4 things:    

Your website (o

Below is our HVAC keywords list that you can use throughout your website. The average monthly search and difficulty were taken from Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner.

2hvac near me58KMedium
3heat pump50kMedium
4ac repair36KMedium
5heating and cooling40KMedium
6ac repair near me33KMedium
7air conditioning repair28KMedium
8air conditioner repair28KMedium
9furnace repair27KMedium
10heating and cooling near me23KMedium
11hvac system21KMedium
12hvac repair18KMedium
13furnace repair near me17KMedium
14hvac repair near me15KMedium
15air conditioning service13KMedium
16hvac technician12KMedium
17heating and air9.6KHard
18evaporator coil9.5KEasy
19hvac companies near me9.5KMedium
20heating and air conditioning8.6KHard
21heating and air near me7.9KMedium
22hvac parts near me6.8KMedium
23air conditioner service6.3KMedium
24ac service6.1KMedium
25ac not blowing cold air5.5KEasy
26hvac service near me5.5KMedium
27hvac parts5.5KMedium
28ac not cooling5.4KEasy
29ac installation5.2KMedium
30hvac maintenance5.1KEasy
31ac service near me5.0KMedium
32hvac installation4.8KMedium
33hvac service4.6KMedium
34air conditioner not cooling3.8KEasy
35ac maintenance3.8KMedium
36hvac contractors3.7KMedium
37hvac filter3.6KMedium
38heating repair3.6KEasy
39air conditioning companies3.3KMedium
40ductless heating and cooling3.2KMedium
41hvac system cost3.2KMedium
42heating repair near me3.1KEasy
43ac duct cleaning3.1KMedium
44air conditioner maintenance2.9KMedium
45furnace installation2.7KEasy
46air conditioning installation2.6KMedium
47hvac replacement cost2.6KMedium
48ac tune up2.6KEasy
49uv light for hvac2.6KEasy
50hvac services2.5KEasy
51hvac uv light2.4KEasy
52hvac cleaning2.4KMedium
53air condition repair2.4KMedium
54heating and air conditioning repair near me2.3KMedium
55air compressor repair2.3KEasy
56home ac units2.3KHard
57hvac duct2.2KMedium
58heating and air conditioning repair2.2KMedium
59air conditioner near me2.1KMedium
60hvac air conditioning service2.1KMedium
61heating and cooling repair2.0KEasy
62central air repair2.0KMedium
63central air installation2.0KMedium
64hvac gauges1.9KEasy
65hvac air filters1.9KMedium
66hvac duct cleaning1.9KMedium
67ac replacement4.3KMedium
68air conditioner not working2.1KEasy
69ac not turning on1.8KEasy
70hvac vacuum pump1.8KEasy
71commercial hvac repair1.7KEasy
72central ac installation near me1.5KMedium
73ac companies1.7KMedium
74hvac unit cost1.4KMedium
75uv light hvac1.3KEasy
76emergency air conditioning repair1.3KEasy
77emergency ac repair1.2KEasy
78furnace repair service1.2KMedium
79hvac replacement1.2KMedium
80hvac blower motor1.2KEasy
81ac installation contractor1.2KEasy
82hvac inspection1.2KEasy
83ac company1.1KHard
84hvac damper1.1KEasy
85hvac installers near me1.1KEasy
86air conditioning contractors1.0KMedium
87hvac installation cost1.0KMedium
88heat pump installation1.0KEasy
89ac technician900Easy
90hvac humidifier900Easy
91home ac repair900Easy
92home air conditioner repair900Medium
93heating system repair900Easy
94ac repair cost900Medium
95ac installation near me900Easy
96heating and cooling services900Medium
97central ac installation800Medium
98air conditioning maintenance800Medium
99ac contractors800Medium
100hvac vent800Medium
101ac services800Medium
102ac condensor700Easy
103air conditioning and heating700Hard
104heating and cooling systems700Medium
10524 hour ac repair700Easy
106heat pump repair600Easy
107hvac heat pump600Medium
108hvac installation service600Easy
109hvac tune up500Easy
110commercial hvac contractors500Easy
111commercial hvac companies500Easy
112ac repair services500Easy
113hvac service technician500Easy
114ac repair in my area450Medium
115heat pump blowing cold air450Easy
116hvac air conditioning450Medium
117ac unit repair450Medium
118emergency furnace repair400Easy
119heating air conditioning400Medium
120hvac air purifier400Medium
121local hvac companies350Medium
12224 hour air conditioning repair350Easy
123ductless heating and cooling systems cost350Medium
124ac heater unit350Medium
125best hvac companies300Medium
126ac fix300Medium
127hvac blower motor replacement300Easy
128hvac unit replacement cost300Medium
129hvac filter replacement300Medium
130hvac vent cleaning300Medium
131hvac installers near me300Medium
132hvac fuse300Easy
133hvac leaking water300Easy
13424 hour hvac repair300Easy
135split ac installation300Medium
136ac mechanic300Medium
137hvac inspection cost250Easy
138hvac ductwork installation250Easy
139hvac air duct cleaning250Medium
140hvac zoning system250Easy
141hvac zone control250Easy
142hvac repairman250Medium
143hvac specialist250Medium
144hvac maintenance cost250Medium
145local hvac contractors250Easy
14624 hour hvac service250Easy
147hvac warranty250Easy
148hvac zone dampers200Easy
149hvac service companies200Easy
150heat pump repair near me200Easy

We used Ahrefs to find the average volume and placed the phrase in the easy category if the difficulty was between 0 -20, medium between 20-30, and anything labeled hard was 30+. If it was found on Google Keyword Planner then the max volume was used.

Following this process for creating keywords in HVAC will ensure that your site is well optimized in the eyes of Google, resulting in better rankings and increased organic traffic. Check out our Heating and Cooling SEO guide for more great info!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found what you were looking for.

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