Roofing Company Facebook Ads Guide

We have put together a Roofing Company Facebook Ads Guide! The most powerful part of the internet is Facebook. It’s outdone Google for monthly page views, nearly overtaking television as the top ad source, and it’s growing faster than both TV and print advertising. Facebook Ads are extremely cost effective due to their ability to hyper-target your audience with laser focus.  No other form of marketing can provide you with so much bang for your back.   

This post will explain how to setup a successful campaign that will help your roofing company get more jobs from Facebook ads, why it works so well, what tools you need to do it yourself, and show you some examples too!

There are four steps for creating an outstanding ad:

Let’s dive in.


Facebook makes it easy to identify your target audience by providing you with a significant amount of demographic information. You can use all or just some of the targeting options available and still get great results. Keep in mind: the more specific the better!   

Demographic targeting allows you to define what types of people will see your ad and helps you create a sense of urgency while performing on ad set level (AKA cost per thousand impressions, or CPM). It gets even better when paired with Geo location which we’ll go over shortly.   

Most roofers fall into this range, so there is no need to change any targeting options.

This is an extremely important part of the targeting process. Geo location allows you to place your ad in front of people who are within a certain mile radius of where you are located.   

Let’s say you are roofing in Cincinnati, Ohio.  You might want to show your ads only to people in Cincinnati or even just build a custom audience that consists of everyone who lives there. This will allow you to target the same people for each successive ad set.  This can be done in addition to demographic filtering, so take advantage of it!   


The image and headline should speak for themselves, but don’t leave out the description! This is where you tell people what the post is about, why it’s important, and what they should do.  You can use this to build interest or provide additional information that may be helpful to the viewer.   

Don’t over sell your services by being too pushy or repetitive with your words. You want your ad to sound eye catching and draw them in – almost teasing them into clicking on it.   

Here are a few examples from my own personal page:

That was just a small sample of ads I’ve run which have been very successful.  Take a look at some of you own posts and see if there are any features you would like to highlight or promote more than others.  Make sure to keep it simple with a clear call to action at the end.   


This is an easy step that most people tend to overlook or completely forget about.  Keep in mind how much you have to spend and if your ad set level will work with it.  I generally start conservatively by setting my daily budget a little lower than I want, then increase it until I get results.   

For example, let’s say you have $100 per day for advertising Facebook posts. You may want to start at $50, then wait a few hours and adjust accordingly from there depending on the performance of your post.   

You’ll also need to select how you want your ad to be displayed.  There are two types: Link Clicks or Website Conversions.   

Link Clicks will show your ad as a link, which is great if you want people to click on it and go to the page you’re promoting.  Conversions, on the other hand, will track conversions and charges you for each one. If someone clicks and claims roofing services from your website that would be considered a conversion!   


Once you’ve acquired some posts/ads and monetized them with budget settings, start running them! You can schedule ads so they don’t run 24/7 (only to sleep at night).  I like to run them for 5 days and then take a day off.   

If you haven’t noticed already, I’m not an expert in this field by any means. However, I have successfully used these steps and others over the past few years and recommend giving it a try! There is nothing wrong with having ONE ad set that runs continuously – sometimes that’s all you need!   

We appreciate you taking the time to read this guide!

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