How To Get Roofing Leads

Wondering how you can get more roofing leads? Many roofing companies are looking for new ways to generate more roofing leads for their business that will convert into paying jobs. If you’re one of them, then this blog post is perfect for you. We’ve compiled a list of 20 ways that will help your company get more roofing leads and roofing jobs and be successful in the industry. From blogging to social media marketing, we’ve got it all covered here. Check out these tips and start generating more leads today!

1) Build a Roofing Website

A roofing company website is an easy way to get your business out there and generate roofing jobs. For one, it’s a great marketing tool that will help you generate more roofing leads for your company. Secondly, having a site shows clients how professional and trustworthy you are as a company. It also helps establish credibility with potential customers who might have never heard of the brand before but want some background information about the services offered by the team at this roofing shop in their area.

Make sure your website has a clear call-to-action. For example, if you want people to contact your company for a quote or learn more about the services offered by this roofing company in their area, then make sure that’s easily accessible on every page of the site.

It also doesn’t hurt to have some photos and videos from previous jobs done by your team – it shows potential clients how good they will look with new shingles installed after a storm! A photo is worth 1000 words, so why not do both? Use video marketing as well as still photography to engage visitors on all levels- auditory and visual.

The website should include information like hours of operation and location, plus staff bios so people can get an idea of who they’re working with before booking a roofing job.

Your website is your top salesperson. Having a website for your roofing business will bring in more roofing leads, which will lead to more roofing jobs.

2) Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business is a free service that lets you create, update and monitor your local business listing on This is the most efficient way to make sure potential customers can find you when they’re searching online for roofing companies near them or in their area.

If you are not already using this tool, we recommend following these steps:

-Search by name of company or keywords like ‘roof repair’ or ‘roofer’ in your area to see if your business already exists on Google My Business.

-If your roofing business does not exist when you do the search, create a Google My Business page. Sign up with your email address (or connect through Facebook) at to receive an account; then follow the steps to create your account.

-You’ll be prompted to fill in some basic information and your business will show up on Google search.

Take a minute to sign up at if you haven’t already done so! You can get more leads that will convert into roofing jobs by making sure potential customers can find your company when they’re looking online, with just one simple step: creating or updating your local business listing on Google My Business.

-“Local” means that people searching for companies like yours nearby should be able to find this page from the Google Search results without having to do an additional search such as “roofers near me.” If someone needs roof repair services and clicks through these listings, they could come across keywords related to their search, and if your page is optimized properly, they will likely come across your business and give you a call.

A few tips for optimizing your Google My Business:

-Build out citations manually or by using services like BrightLocal or Yext.

-Post 2 or 3 times per week. Businesses that post often tend to get more visibility in the Google My Business 3 pack, which leads to more calls and more roofing jobs.

-Optimize your posts for keywords and locations that you are targeting.

3) Optimize On-Page SEO On Your Roofing Website

It is important that your Roofing Website is optimized properly so that you show up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and cause potential roofing leads to reach out to you.

-Write informative blog posts that include keywords related to your industry. Being the first result on Google for a keyword is an excellent way of generating new leads and roofing jobs.

-Use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and numbered lists in your content so that it’s easily scannable by search engines and visitors alike. This will help you rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) like Google My Business or Yelp when people are searching for information about roofing services near them. Check out our Roofing Blog Topics page for some blogging advice.

-There are plenty of ways to generate more roofing leads online. One popular option is using Local SEO marketing techniques such as citations optimization with Brightlocal or Yext, discussed above, which we will cover more in this article. Citations will boost your presence on Local SEO as well as Google My Business.

4) Try Google Adwords

In terms of lead generation, Google Adwords is a great tool to use. You can either set up an account and do it yourself or hire someone who knows what they’re doing. While Google Adwords tend to be more expensive than other ad options, they convert local searches into roofing leads at a high rate and have a high return on investment.

5) Ask For Referrals To Get More Roofing Jobs

What’s the easiest and most powerful way to generate roofing leads? Referrals. Not only is it a great strategy for generating new business, but you are also building relationships with your existing customers by doing so. Who knows when they may need some roofing work done! If you have satisfied customers that use your services or products on a regular basis, then asking them if they would be willing to refer you to their friends or family members can lead to long-term business success. If you are not asking for referrals, then it might be because you don’t have an effective referral strategy in place.

Some other ideas on how to get more roofing jobs: post flyers at your local coffee shops or grocery stores, offer discounts to first time customers and ask them if they would like a friend or family member referred who may need work done, or advertise with the Chamber of Commerce.

Referrals happen when someone trusts that what we do will make their lives better. So instead of chasing after people – go where they already are! Get involved in communities where potential clients spend most of their time (e.g., church groups).

6) Trade Shows for Commercial Roofing Leads

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has an annual trade show in January. It’s a great way to meet new people, learn more about the industry and find leads for prospective clients. You can also attend other roofing shows such as Indoor Comfort Systems Trade Show or Monstaliner North America Expo. If you are unable to make it, there is plenty of online information including videos on YouTube that provide insight into what can be found at these events.

Trade shows can be more than just a place to see your competition and make business deals. You may also want to go for the chance at new partnerships, company awareness, or even leads! To keep visitors engaged with you throughout their visit it is advisable that they get something of value in return if possible like free educational content on residential roof repairs. Finally, follow up when appropriate so all those connections don’t end there but continue onto success after the show ends.

7) Free Roof Inspections and Roofing Estimates

One of the most effective ways to generate new roofing leads is by offering free inspections and estimates. This will not only give you a chance at winning that client, but may also result in referrals from your customer about how great they were treated during their first interaction with you.

If this sounds like something worth trying out for your business then consider implementing these three steps: (i) set up an appointment;(ii) show them around; and (iii) make sure it’s clear what services are available before leaving so there won’t be any surprises when they get home. If even one person walks away without needing a repair or replacement because you took care of it right on the spot, then go ahead and call that lead within 24-72 hours to see if they are interested in referring a friend or family member.

8) Direct Mail For Residential Roofing Jobs

One of the most effective and enduring ways to generate new leads is by using direct mail. It has proven track record for generating long-term results, but it does require some upfront investment in order to get your campaign up and running (as well as upkeep).

Here are a few tips when creating an effective direct mailing strategy: make sure you’re targeting people who have more than one home, offer quality products that won’t break down over time so they’ll need repeat service visits from you, use high resolution images of work done on homes similar to theirs – this will show them what their roof could look like after hiring you! Also avoid sending out too many pieces at once because it can overwhelm recipients and end up hurting response rates

9) Facebook Ads To Get Roofing Leads

Facebook ads are another way to generate new leads. Unlike direct mail, Facebook does not require a large upfront investment but you do need to spend time and money on the campaign itself (creating ads, testing their effectiveness).

Here are some tips when using Facebook Ads for your business: don’t just advertise an “upgrade” – show them how they’ll benefit from your company services like a better energy efficiency rating or be able to sell their home faster with minimal repairs needed; targeting is key so make sure you know who you’re trying target before going down this route! You should also pay attention to what people say in response to posts- this will help tailor future content that may appeal more specifically towards these individuals. Check out our post on Roofing Facebook Post Ideas or our guide on Social Media Marketing for Roofers.

10) Using Yelp For Roofing Marketing

Yelp is a great tool to bring in more roofing leads to your business, and you can get a ton of roofing jobs from Yelp.

Here are some tips when using Yelp for your business: make sure you have a complete profile with lots of photos and videos; be nice to everyone- even if they leave negative reviews about your company – this will show that you’re an honest person who has nothing to hide! You should also respond to all comments on posts so it creates more personal touch. People love seeing the owner’s face or hearing their voice rather than reading generic marketing messages from big companies.

11) Using Your Website To Find Roofing Leads

Your website is one of the most important tools at a roofer’s disposal because we can use our site as a lead magnet. All of your content should be based on solving a question or showing the value you can provide to potential customers.

12) Social Media Marketing For Roofers

In recent years social media marketing has become an essential tool for all businesses and roofing companies are no different. The best way for roofers to leverage their presence is by providing valuable information about what they do as well as answering customer questions in real time so people feel like they’re talking to someone who knows exactly what’s happening with them – not just some company that wants their money. When done correctly, this will lead many more prospects from liking your page into becoming loyal clients! Check out our article on How To Get Roofing Leads On Facebook

Using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as a part of your roofing marketing strategy will be huge in driving in more roofing leads to your business.

13) Generate Reviews

Reviews are a great way to build credibility for your roofing company, and it will also help you show that people like the products/services you’re providing. The first thing most people look for when they search for a roofing business on the internet are a high volume of reviews, and a great review score.

Expert Tip: Use a review management system on your website so that you can collect and track the reviews, as well as rate them. This way, your customers are incentivized to leave positive feedback for their experience with you rather than just giving it up based off an unprompted “review” request email from another business.

This will allow people to be able to give honest input about what happened during their roofing project — there’s no chance of a competitor coming in and submitting negative information under that same customer’s name! If a customer is unhappy with the service you provide, review management software will help guide the customer to leave you feedback directly so you can resolve the situation before they leave a negative review.

14) Use Angie’s List and Thumbtack

If you are not already using Angie’s List and Thumbtack to generate more business, it is time to start!

Your business profile is your marketing, so make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities it provides. Adding a call-to-action ensures that people will contact you for more information or to hire your services after looking at what others have said about you on these sites. Be creative and use this space! You can also list any other relevant websites where potential customers might be able to find out more about who you are if they’ve already found their way onto one of these online review platforms through Google search results or word-of mouth referrals from friends.

15) Knock On Doors and Cold Call To Get Roofing Jobs

Knocking on doors and cold calling local homeowners is another way to get more roofing leads and generate more roofing jobs for your business. It can be hard to swallow your pride and knock on doors, but it’s the easiest way to find potential roofing leads. Check out our article on How To Grow A Roofing Company for more tips.

16) Create A Roofing Blog On Your Website

Creating a blog on your website is also another way to generate new roofing leads for your roofing business. A blog can be used not only as an outreach tool, but it’s also an informative resource and sales/marketing platform that will help you build credibility in the industry by showing potential customers what they should look out for when hiring someone with experience who has been doing this work successfully for some time now.

17) Try Google Local Service Ads For Roofers

Google Local Service Ads are another way to generate new roofing leads. You can set up your Google Adwords account and tailor it specifically for the services you provide, which could include things like installing or repairing roofs as well as general construction work that is related to roof repair. This gives prospects an idea of what type of business they’re engaging with while giving them a list of specific service providers in their area where they live so there will be fewer barriers preventing them from taking action once they see the ad pop up on their screen.

18) Create A Roofing Marketing Video On Youtube

Another great way to generate new roofing leads is by creating a marketing video on Youtube. The benefit of this option is that you’re able to tell your story in an almost cinematic fashion, and people can get the visual representation they need when it comes to understanding what type of work your company does. You’ll be able to show them before-and-after pictures as well as testimonials from happy customers, so even if all these options don’t seem like something for which their budget will allow, at least you’ve given them more information about how professional videos could help increase conversions rates over time with less effort than other techniques may require up front simply because there’s no cost involved.

19) Place Advertisements In Local Newspapers

Placing ads for your roofing business in local newspapers is a great way to bring in more roofing jobs. Not only will this bring in more roofing leads, but it can also help you to increase your visibility by making you seem like a credible business that is qualified to do business with.

By placing ads in local newspapers, people who live locally will be able to see them and they’ll know exactly what type of work your company does so it’s really easy for them to get in contact with you when they’re ready to do roofing repairs or installations.

20) Roofing Webinars

Roofing webinars allow you to connect with local customers virtually and earn their trust.

Webinars allow you the opportunity to speak about roofing topics that interest people without having them leave their homes or offices in order to attend an event, and many people find it easier than going out in person where they don’t know anybody.

Webinars also provide an opportunity for back-and-forth discussion with other attendees as well as the presenter so there’s a lot of time for interaction which is what makes this form of marketing even more effective because most participants enjoy feeling like they’re part of something instead of just sitting passively.

The best thing about webinar advertising? You only have to do it once!

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog on how to get more roofing jobs. Goldsmith Digital has been working with Roofing Businesses to help generate more roofing leads and increase conversion rates since 2011. If you are interested in our help, feel free to contact us!

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